Working theories for teaching assistant and international teaching assistant development

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Table of Contents: Working Theories for Teaching Assistant and International Teaching Assistant Development Introduction by Greta Gorsuch, Texas Tech University Chapters Focusing on Teaching Assistants in General Scalable Design Principles for TA Development: Lessons from Research, Theory and Experience by Patricia Hardre, University of Oklahoma The Role of Theory in TA and ITA Research by Dale T. Griffee, Texas Tech University Feedback About Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Pedagogical Practices: Content Validation of a Survey Informed from Principles of the “How People Learn” Framework by Monica F. Cox, Jiabin Zhu, Jeremi London, Jeeyeon Hahn, and Benjamin Ahn, School of Engineering Education, Purdue University A Theoretical and Empirical Basis for Studying Student-Instructor/Teaching Assistant Relationships by Patricia A. Jarvis, Illinois State University and Gary L. Creasey, Illinois State University Teaching Assistant Development Through a Fresh Lens: A Self-Determination Fra
Original languageEnglish
PublisherNew Forums Press
StatePublished - Aug 2012


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