Victorian Miscellany

Alison Rukavina

Research output: Other contribution


This site features articles transcribed by students from my English 3308 classes. The articles are from nineteenth-century British miscellanies. These journals gathered together collections of writing by different authors on a wide range of subjects for a Victorian readership that was rapidly increasing as more people became literate in Britain. Currently, undergraduate students from English 3308 and volunteers at Texas Tech University are indexing and researching issues of various journals, published during the Victorian period (1832-1901). Student projects, as well as specific articles from these miscellanies, will be featured on this site. The exhibits and articles will focus on areas such as the women question and gender; labor and economy; science and medicine; reading and publishing; and the British Empire and the world.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Dec 31 2016


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