Transverse energy measurements in proton-nucleus interactions at high energy

T. Akesson, S. Almehed, A. L.S. Angelis, H. Atherton, P. Aubry, H. W. Bartel, G. Beaudoin, J. M. Beaulieu, H. Beker, O. Benary, D. Bettoni, V. Bisi, I. Blevis, H. Boggild, W. Cleland, M. Clemen, B. Collick, F. Corriveau, S. Dagan, K. DederichsS. Dell'Uomo, P. Depommier, R. C.E. Devenish, N. DiGiacomo, S. DiLiberto, J. R. Dodd, B. Dolgoshein, A. Drees, H. En'yo, B. Erlandson, M. J. Esten, C. W. Fabjan, P. Fischer, Z. Fraenkel, A. Gaidot, F. Gibrat-Debu, P. Giubellino, P. Glassel, U. Goerlach, R. Haglund, L. A. Hamel, H. van Hecke, V. Hedberg, R. Heifetz, A. Holscher, B. Jacak, G. Jarlskog, S. Johansson, H. Kraner, V. Kroh, F. Lamarche, C. Leroy, D. Lissauer, G. London, B. Lorstad, A. Lounis, F. Martelli, A. Marzari-Chiesa, M. Masera, M. A. Mazzoni, E. Mazzucato, N. A. McCubbin, P. McGaughey, F. Meddi, U. Mjornmark, M. T. Muciaccia, S. Muraviev, M. Murray, M. Neubert, S. Nilsson, L. Olsen, Y. Oren, J. P. Pansart, Y. M. Park, A. Pfeiffer, F. Piuz, V. Polychronakos, G. Poulard, M. Price, D. Rahm, L. Ramello, L. Riccati, G. Romano, G. Rosa, L. Sandor, J. Schukraft, M. Sekimoto, B. Sellden, M. Seman, A. Shmeleva, V. Sidorov, S. Simone, Y. Sirois, H. Sletten, S. Smirnov, W. Sondheim, H. J. Specht, M. Stern, I. Stumer, J. W. Sunier, V. Tcherniatin, H. H. Thodberg, J. Thompson, V. Tikhomirov, I. Tserruya, G. Vasseur, R. Veenhof, R. Wigmans, P. Yepes

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The results of two sets of transverse energy measurements, performed with incident proton beams of 200 and 450 GeV/c momentum on several nuclear targets, are presented. The transverse energy cross sections dσ/d ET are measured in a pseudorapidity range including the target fragmentation region (-0.1<η<2.9) for both data sets and also in a nearly complete pseudorapidity coverage (-0.1<η<5.5) for the data taken at 200 GeV/c incident momentum. A comparison is made of the transverse energy distributions in the target fragmentation region and in the full η region. We find that the mean value of pseudorapidity of the d ET/dη distributions shifts towards the target fragmentation region as the atomic mass number of the target increases or a selection of high transverse energy events is made. A parametrization based on a simple geometrical nucleonnucleon scattering approach was found to be inadequate to describe all features of the transverse energy distributions. Finally, the VENUS model is compared with the experimental data.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)239-249
Number of pages11
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 1993


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