Towards Gender Balance in Engineering for an Expanding Global Market Place

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A global economy requires that engineers understand the importance of both cultural and gender diversity to be more efficient in solving problems in our world of technology and communication. Nearly four decades ago, Unites States engineers led one of the greatest accomplishments of all time by successfully landing a man on the moon and returning his crew safely to America. Four subsequent crews followed the first crew in successful triumphs. If we recall the picture of those engineers they were all white men in white shirts, most with plastic pocket protectors to hold rows of pens and pencils. This picture is slowly changing, as the field of engineering progresses and evolves. Recent studies showed that there are more women engineers joining the workforce every year, but still not enough to fulfill the gap. Engineering classrooms remains to be dominantly consisted of male students with a national ratio of six to one. The female ratio at the college of engineering in Texas Tech Univer
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StatePublished - Apr 2013


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