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"Troy You can't visit "That. Was. EPIC!!!!: when quotidian becomes lore" at Collar Works and not feel as disjointed as the title. It's all very curious stuff: a crude bag made of blue plastic tarp that inflates and deflates, an ambient sound piece made of parking cones and carpet padding (among many other trashy things), a video of a man smashing his face into birthday cakes, and a sculpture made of stacked firewood. Are you ready for this? Hopefully not, because it is the jarring proposition of the curator, Sanford Mirling, that good art comes from ordinary things in preposterous and unanticipated ways... The awkwardly assembled mixed-media work by Cody Arnall, for example, is such a deliberately clumsy conglomeration of unexpected everyday materials, it's off-putting. But when you hear the sounds of seagulls coming from the cheerleader's megaphone in the center of it, and you picture the highway implied by the orange cones (and the long title), you feel the logic of the contrasti
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PublisherTimes Union, William Jeager
StatePublished - Sep 21 2017


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