The Wine Value Chain in China: Consumers, Marketing and the Wider World

Roberta Capitello, Steve Charters, David Menival, Jingxue Yuan

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The Wine Value Chain in China: Global Dynamics, Marketing and Communication in the Contemporary Chinese Wine Market presents information on China and its role as a relevant player in the international wine industry, both as supplier and consumer. The book provides new insights into the global dynamics of the wine industry, expanding the knowledge of academics, practitioners, and students on the growing demand for wine in China. Special attention is paid to the supply and demand changes, their impacts on Western wine supply chains, and new market opportunities. The book contributes the latest research findings to increase the understanding of the context of wine consumption in China and the most suitable marketing and communication approaches. The book aims to provide academics with the most adequate methodological tools to study a novice market, with both conceptual and empirical chapters included. The book covers a range of topics, including the behavior of Chinese consumers and their attitudes towards wine, the cultural context of wine in China, the characteristics of the wine supply chain in China and its development, the impact of China on Western wine supply chains, wine marketing and communication in China, wine branding in China, including counterfeiting, wine education in China, the links between wine, food, luxury, and Western products in China, and wine tourism. Collects and collates research on wine consumer behavior in China; Presents an outstanding scholarly look at wine marketing studies; Offers a whole market perspective that focuses on demand; Provide academics, practitioners, and students with new investigation tools in marketing and communication that are in-line with the characteristics of this market. Draw conclusions relevant to other emerging markets, detailing why China is different from other such markets.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherElsevier Inc.
Number of pages299
ISBN (Electronic)9780081007600
ISBN (Print)9780081007549
StatePublished - Nov 30 2016


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