The Research and Development of a Malawian Early Childhood Development Center

Michelle Pearson (Other), Kristi Gaines (Other), Malinda Colwell (Other), Peter Raab (Other), Charles Klein (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formOther


Researchers are currently in the process of developing architectural plans for a Malawian Child Development Center. The plans are being developed to be constructed in a series of Phases. The phases have been established by The Grace Center administration in preliminary planning meetings. Phase 1 will include the dining hall and adjoining kitchen. The current dining area is outdoors and not meeting the needs of the users. While the children are eating, they are among the livestock thus creating a major health concern. In addition, the dining hall will serve as the headquarters for adult education and community events. Phase 2 will include the younger division classrooms and play area. Phase 3 will include the upper division classroom. The goal of the classroom design is to be modular and easily repeated. Once the design has been approved by The Grace Center, construction will begin on the proposed Phase 1 of the ECDC.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Aug 2015


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