"The Power of Music in Anime"

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For the third session, three musicologists in U.S. academia will unravel the power of music in anime. You may love anime soundtracks as much as the anime itself, but have you ever thought about the role of music in storytelling, how the music affects the work itself, and what meanings might be hidden in the music?<br>Join us for the panel discussion with <b>Stacey Jocoy</b>, <b>Kunio Hara</b>, and <b>Rose Bridges</b>, as they discuss how directors and composers collaborate to create the music, examining the role of music in storytelling and the uses of music in beloved anime, such as <i>My Neighbor Totoro</i> (<i>Tonari no Totoro</i>), <i>Grave of the Fireflies</i> (<i>Hotaru no haka</i>), <i>Cowboy Bebop</i>, and <i>Your Name</i> (<i>Kimi no Na wa</i>).<br>The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session. If you have any questions about music and soundscapes in anime, please submit them on the Eventbrite page when you register. Live commentary will be also enabled on the YouTube stre
Original languageEnglish
PublisherJapan Foundation
StatePublished - Nov 19 2020


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