The physics of accretion-ejection with LOFT

P. Casella, R. Fender, M. Coriat, E. Kalemci, S. Motta, J. Neilsen, G. Ponti, M. Begelman, T. Belloni, E. Koerding, Thomas Maccarone, P.-O. Petrucci, J. Rodriguez, J. Tomsick, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Bianchi, M. Del Santo, I. Donnarumma, P. Gandhi, J. HomanP. Jonker, M. Kalamkar, J. Malzac, S. Markoff, S. Migliari, J. Miller, J. Miller-Jones, J. Poutanen, R. Remillard, D.M. Russell, P. Uttley, A. Zdziarski

Research output: Other contribution


This is a White Paper in support of the mission concept of the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT), proposed as a medium-sized ESA mission. We discuss the potential of LOFT for the study of the physics of accretion and ejection around compact objects. For a summary, we refer to the paper.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherarXiv e-prints
StatePublished - Jan 2015

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    Casella, P., Fender, R., Coriat, M., Kalemci, E., Motta, S., Neilsen, J., Ponti, G., Begelman, M., Belloni, T., Koerding, E., Maccarone, T., Petrucci, P-O., Rodriguez, J., Tomsick, J., Bhattacharyya, S., Bianchi, S., Santo, M. D., Donnarumma, I., Gandhi, P., ... Zdziarski, A. (2015, Jan). The physics of accretion-ejection with LOFT. arXiv e-prints.