The Many Facets of Complexity Science, Edited book; Springer/HEP

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PART I. ENTROPY, INFORMATION AND COMPLEXITY FUNCTIONS<br><br>Chapter 1. Maurice Courbage: The Directional Entropy for Spatially Extended Dynamical Systems;<br>Chapter 2. J. A. Tenreiro Machado, Shannon Information Analysis of the Chromosome Code;<br>Chapter 3. Olivier Bui, Xavier Leoncini, Detecting Regularity with Complexity Functions;<br>Chapter 4. Raul Rechtman, Local Complexity Functions of the Ehrenfest’s wind-tree model;<br>Chapter 5. Bastien Fernandez, Selective Chaos of Travelling Waves in Feedforward Chains of Bistable Maps<br>Chapter 6. Dimitri Volchenkov, Veniamin Smirnov, An Unfair Coin of the Standard & Poor’s 500<br><br><br>PART II. MULTISTABILITY, OSCILLATIONS, RHYTHMIC SYNCHRONIZATION<br>Chapter 7. Yeyin Xu, Albert C.J. Luo, On Periodic Motions in a van der Pol Oscillator;<br>Chapter 8. Jianzhe Huang, Fuhong Min, Hidden Periodic Motions for Brushless Motor with Unsteady Torque Excitation;<br>Chapter 9. Stefano Boccaletti, H. Bi, T. Qui, I. Bonamassa, Shuguang Guan, Chu
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSpringer International Publishing AG,
StatePublished - Aug 15 2021


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