The Life of Dennis Glover

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This is a 45-minute documentary depicting the life of Dennis Glover, who currently sits on death row in Florida, for a murder who did not even commit. Nonetheless, I was hired to write the script and make the movie for the defense counsel's presentation to federal prosecutors to convert his sentence to life without parole. The film was screened in June 2020, and we are still awaiting word regarding his resentencing. I gathered hundreds of hours of interviews, whittling them down to approximately 30 minutes; wrote the voice-over narration and had it recorded; found archival footage and photographs of segregation, lynching, cotton farms, school integration, and the use of Haldol to treat mental illness in Black men in the Georgia area where Dennis grew up and experienced these things. Then I compiled all of it into a 45-minute documentary, using iMovie and other software. I can share this film with the department chair, but otherwise it is restricted by the confidentiality oath I sign w
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Jun 2020


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