The Guilt of Cheating

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It’s 0200 and I’m tossing in my sleep. My PS Vita is sitting on the night stand next to me, charging after a marathon of minor league baseball, with Niko Mangosteen struggling desperately to win a starting job for his hometown St. Louis Cardinals but, for now, languishing in a utility position on the big club’s bench. For those who don’t follow sports video games (or who might write them off as “jock games”), modern sports games are every bit as much role-playing fantasy as they are sports and performance: in Sony’s MLB: The Show franchise (my current choice), players can play a career mode in which they engage the game of baseball as an up-and-coming professional. In this mode, players create their avatar and then build their skills not through a menu but rather, through actual performance in a series of “scout games”—the mode is meant to simulate how up-and-coming high school players would be evaluated, and their in-game performance is used as a way to give them points (to ad
Original languageEnglish
JournalEsoteric Gamine
StatePublished - Dec 2017


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