The el paso race riot of 1916

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Their bodies lay stripped nearly naked and strewn about the train like fallen leaves. Pools of blood marked their final resting place. This sketched the scene near the Cusihuiriáchic (Cusi) Mines in Santa Ysabel, Chihuahua. Seventeen1 American engineers, travelling on the Mexican Northwestern Railroad to their reopened mines under the protection of their passports and their salvo conductos furnished by de facto Chihuahua governor Ignacio Consul General Enríquez, met this brutal demise.2 A band of soldiers led by Villista offi cer Pablo López hijacked the train and demanded that all Anglos disembark. Their subsequent fate hung at the end of bayonets and rifle shots as the revolutionaries mercilessly executed Americans for simply being "gringo."3 This event, the Santa Ysabel massacre, served as a catalyst for one of the largest race riots ever to occur in West Texas.4.

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Title of host publicationWar Along the Border
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