The Cambridge companion to literature and the posthuman

Bruce Clarke, Manuela Rossini

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The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman is the first work of its kind to gather diverse critical treatments of the posthuman and posthumanism together in a single volume. Fifteen scholars from six different countries address the historical and aesthetic dimensions of posthuman figures alongside posthumanism as a new paradigm in the critical humanities. The three parts and their chapters trace the history of the posthuman in literature and other media, including film and video games, and identify major political, philosophical, and techno-scientific issues raised in the literary and cinematic narratives of the posthuman and posthumanist discourses. The volume surveys the key works, primary modes, and critical theories engaged by depictions of the posthuman and discussions about posthumanism. Presents important scholarly trends in posthumanism and the posthuman on a range of diverse topics to both students and professional readers. Provides a dedicated guide to representations of and speculations on a posthuman world with a synoptic view of the field enabling readers to see a detailed overview. Distinguishes and combines research on the posthuman as a fictional or speculative literary image and posthumanism as a critical discourse.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherCambridge University Press
Number of pages231
ISBN (Electronic)9781316091227
ISBN (Print)9781107086203
StatePublished - Dec 15 2016


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