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Abstract To properly respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges of the coming century, an increased number of engineers will be required. Moreover, global interconnectedness will require a more diverse population of engineers to work in unison towards finding solutions for new problems on a global level, as well as the initiative to do so. Diversity should never be limited to factors such as race or creed, rather, gender and culture must also be included to further engineering education as a whole. A truly diverse perspective is crucial in addressing the multi-disciplinary, global problems faced by contemporary societies. The classic days of old world belief and principles cannot sustain or survive in any modern, evolving scientific field and therefore must be allowed to pass to make way for programs that embrace new gender, personality and cultural diversity. The crux of education, especially in a field as ever changing as engineering, is its ability to change and a
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Apr 2014

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