SWECEDHA Meeting & Academic Job Fair

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SWECEDHA Report On Oct 12 and 13 the ECE Department at Texas Tech University was hosting the fall 2018 SWECEDHA meeting. In total 14 departments from all 3 states of the SW region comprising Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona were represented. Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, President of Texas Tech University, and Dr. Nurcan Bac, Senior Associate Dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering, welcomed the participants in the morning of Oct 13. At this meeting we pioneered an academic job fair were the ECE Department chairs brought a total of 15 PhD students from 6 institutions to interact with other chairs and make connections for possible employment as faculty members. The interaction with the PhD students started at a dinner on Friday, Oct 12 at the Texas Tech club in the football stadium. The dinner turned out to be a very fruitful event for chair-student interactions. Major discussion points at the business meeting were a presentation of research capabilities at institutions across the region,
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StatePublished - Nov 2018


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