Stressman Website to Screen for Potential Geomechanical Problems Due to Depletion

I. Palmer, I. Ispas, N. Higgs, Z. Moschovidis, P. Patillo, B. Smith, W. Beecroft

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A new core testing strategy has been implemented, to gather the correct data to estimate potential geomechanical problems. Right after core testing has been done, the core results are combined with in situ stress estimates, and other reservoir/well information. These data are submitted to a new screening software called Stressman, to evaluate the chance of certain geomechanical problems (such as subsidence, or casing failure) occurring during the life of a field. Predictions are quantitative and risk-weighted, and provide a preliminary step for geomechanical assurance. If Stressman indicates a problem is likely, then a full-blooded modeling effort can be undertaken to better assess the situation. Stressman provides an effective methodology for gaining a quick, "first pass" quantitative assessment of what is likely to happen geomechanically, when otherwise all that can be done is to make an educated guess. Screening modules available in Stressman include: (1) extra production from compaction drive, (2) surface or seafloor subsidence, (3) general reservoir yielding (leading to potential skin buildup), (4) perm loss during drawdown/depletion, (5) casing buckling due to compaction, (6) casing crushing, (7) sand production, (8) fault slip due to depletion. Also linked within the Stressman website is information about the data required for the screening modules: how the data are defined, when/how to collect the data, etc. Discussed are some recent Stressman applications, which include the following: full Stressman suites run in deep water Gulf of Mexico plays, which provide a valuable database for future comparison. evaluation of subsidence due to reservoir compaction estimate of maximum allowable drawdown in a cased/perforated well risk of casing buckling or crushing.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
StatePublished - 2002
EventProceedings - SPE International ymposium on Formation Damage Control - Lafayette, LA., United States
Duration: Feb 20 2002Feb 21 2002


ConferenceProceedings - SPE International ymposium on Formation Damage Control
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityLafayette, LA.


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