Spirited Wind Playing: The Performance Dimension

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201 chapter seven Deft Articulation: An Integral Art of Wind Playing There are no staccato notes—just legato notes that are less long! —Sol Schoenbach Articulation is one area where there is a wide range of individual aptitudes and confidence. Some players tongue quickly with great ease, and others must develop double and triple tonguing par excellence. No single approach responds to the broad spectrum of natural abilities and talents. Therefore, this chapter serves as an outline of the essential tools of our time, which continue to evolve. The word “attack” to refer to starting a note was virtually forbidden in Sol’s teaching. Like most lessons with Sol, his humor could distract you from the depth in what he was saying. In essence, your tongue pulls back from the reed to allow sound to begin. Your tongue can interject and enunciate the phrase, but your tongue does not “attack” the reed or your mouthpiece! Whatever the tongue gets up to, the air carries and shapes the musical phrasing
Original languageEnglish
PublisherIU Press
EditionLCCN 2016032877; LCCN 2016033975 (ebook)
StatePublished - Dec 1 2017


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