Soybean transporter database: A comprehensive database for identification and exploration of natural variants in soybean transporter genes

Rupesh Deshmukh, Nitika Rana, Yang Liu, Shuai Zeng, Gaurav Agarwal, Humira Sonah, Rajeev Varshney, Trupti Joshi, Gunvant B. Patil, Henry T. Nguyen

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Transporters, a class of membrane proteins that facilitate exchange of solutes including diverse molecules and ions across the cellular membrane, are vital component for the survival of all organisms. Understanding plant transporters is important to get insight of the basic cellular processes, physiology, and molecular mechanisms including nutrient uptake, signaling, response to external stress, and many more. In this regard, extensive analysis of transporters predicted in soybean and other plant species was performed. In addition, an integrated database for soybean transporter protein, SoyTD, was developed that will facilitate the identification, classification, and extensive characterization of transporter proteins by integrating expression, gene ontology, conserved domain and motifs, gene structure organization, and chromosomal distribution features. A comprehensive analysis was performed to identify highly confident transporters by integrating various prediction tools. Initially, 7541 transmembrane (TM) proteins were predicted in the soybean genome; out of these, 3306 non-redundant transporter genes carrying two or more transmembrane domains were selected for further analysis. The identified transporter genes were classified according to a standard transporter classification (TC) system. Comparative analysis of transporter genes among 47 plant genomes provided insights into expansion and duplication of transporter genes in land plants. The whole genome resequencing (WGRS) and tissue-specific transcriptome datasets of soybean were integrated to investigate the natural variants and expression profile associated with transporter(s) of interest. Overall, SoyTD provides a comprehensive interface to study genetic and molecular function of soybean transporters. SoyTD is publicly available at

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)756-770
Number of pages15
JournalPhysiologia Plantarum
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2021


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