Soil and Human Health: Current Status and Future Needs

Eric C Brevik, Lindsey Slaughter, Bal Ram Singh, Joshua J Steffan, David Collier, Paul Barnhart, Paulo Pereira

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<jats:p> Soil influences human health in a variety of ways, with human health being linked to the health of the soil. Historically, emphasis has been placed on the negative impacts that soils have on human health, including exposures to toxins and pathogenic organisms or the problems created by growing crops in nutrient-deficient soils. However, there are a number of positive ways that soils enhance human health, from food production and nutrient supply to the supply of medications and enhancement of the immune system. It is increasingly recognized that the soil is an ecosystem with a myriad of interconnected parts, each influencing the other, and when all necessary parts are present and functioning (ie, the soil is healthy), human health also benefits. Despite the advances that have been made, there are still many areas that need additional investigation. We do not have a good understanding of how chemical mixtures in the environment influence human health, and chemical mixtures in s
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)117862212093444
JournalAir, Soil and Water Research
StatePublished - Jan 2020


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