Six Degrees of Instigation

Alison Duffy (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formOther


“Guerilla Cage” gapes unapologetically at the stark violence and injustice of guerilla warfare. Set to cellist Zoe Keating’s chilling score, the work is a tragedy of rapidly shifting alliances and abandoned loyalties. Unspeakable horrors are told through bold, aggressive movement, and moveable fencing panels act as both prison and barricade throughout the piece.

A loose autobiographical sketch of the choreographer’s sister, “Caitlin” is a quintet that captures innocence and internal struggle. Arvo Part’s heartbreaking violin score highlights the silence between notes as the dance focuses on the stillness between movements.

“’not that I care anymore’ (the 3rd degree)” features two UNCG graduate students, Melissa Pihos and Tricia Zweier, embattled in a bitterly passive-aggressive relationship. Adapted sound from Hollis Frampton’s 1971 film “Critical Mass” heightens the redundant, roundabout argument between the two, while lighting serves to trap them in their oppressive world.

First premiered in 2007, and most recently selected to appear at the 2009 American College Dance Festival, “Agresiva, Maliciosa” explores the ever-present phenomenon of female bullying and dominance among young American women today. Four dancers battle for position in an elite clique with a movement style that fuses contemporary and tango elements.

“Quitting Betty,” a quintet featuring UNCG theatre student Luke Legrand, was created with the support of a summer research grant from the UNCG Graduate School that allowed Duffy to study and develop a feminist creative process. Soloist Rachel Kempson portrays the modern woman who struggles either to conform with or reject the notion of the ideal woman. Projected film, poetry, and movement combine to make both genuine and ironic statements.

In “Image Schema,” randomly selected audience members provide the dancers with instruction cards to direct them in how to present the dance on that particular evening. At first based on dreams experienced in the dancers’ own lives, the large group work is now an improvisational experiment transporting audience members to strange worlds and encouraging the acceptance of fresh perspectives.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Apr 3 2009


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