Single-spin asymmetries in inclusive charged pion production by transversely polarized antiprotons

A. Bravar, D. L. Adams, N. Akchurin, N. I. Belikov, B. E. Bonner, J. Bystricky, M. D. Corcoran, J. D. Cossairt, J. Cranshaw, A. A. Derevschikov, H. En’yo, H. Funahashi, Y. Goto, O. A. Grachov, D. P. Grosnick, D. A. Hill, T. Iijima, K. Imai, Y. Itow, K. IwataniYu V. Kharlov, K. Kuroda, M. Laghai, F. Lehar, A. de Lesquen, D. Lopiano, F. C. Luehring, T. Maki, S. Makino, A. Masaike, Yu A. Matulenko, A. P. Meschanin, A. Michalowicz, D. H. Miller, K. Miyake, T. Nagamine, F. Nessi-Tedaldi, M. Nessi, C. Nguyen, S. B. Nurushev, Y. Ohashi, Y. Onel, D. I. Patalakha, G. Pauletta, A. Penzo, G. F. Rappazzo, A. L. Read, J. B. Roberts, L. van Rossum, V. L. Rykov, N. Saito, G. Salvato, P. Schiavon, J. Skeens, V. L. Solovyanov, H. Spinka, R. W. Stanek, R. Takashima, F. Takeutchi, N. Tamura, D. G. Underwood, A. N. Vasiliev, J. L. White, S. Yamashita, A. Yokosawa, T. Yoshida, A. M. Zanetti

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The analyzing power AN in inclusive π and π+ production has been measured with a 200 GeV/c transversely polarized antiproton beam over a wide xF range (0.2 ≤ xF ≤ 0.9) and at moderate pT(0.2 ≤ pT ≤ 1.5GeV/c). The asymmetry AN increases with increasing xF from zero to large positive values for π−′S, and decreases from zero to large negative values for π+′S. A threshold for the onset of the asymmetry is observed about pT ∼ 0.5 GeV/C, below which AN is essentially zero and above which AN ncreases (decreases) with pT for π−′S (π+′S) in the covered pT range.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2626-2629
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number13
StatePublished - 1996


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