Single-spin asymmetries and invariant cross sections of the high transverse-momentum inclusive π0 production in 200 GeV/c pp and p-p interactions

D. L. Adams, N. Akchurin, N. I. Belikov, A. Bravar, J. Bystricky, M. D. Corcoran, J. D. Cossairt, J. Cranshaw, A. A. Derevschikov, H. En’yo, H. Funahashi, Y. Goto, O. A. Grachov, D. P. Grosnick, D. A. Hill, T. Iijima, K. Imai, Y. Itow, K. Iwatani, K. W. KruegerK. Kuroda, F. Lehar, A. de Lesquen, D. Lopiano, F. C. Luehring, T. Maki, S. Makino, A. Masaike, Yu A. Matulenko, A. P. Meschanin, A. Michalowicz, D. H. Miller, K. Miyake, T. Nagamine, F. Nessi-Tedaldi, M. Nessi, C. Nguyen, S. B. Nurushev, Y. Ohashi, Y. Onel, D. I. Patalakha, G. Pauletta, A. Penzo, A. L. Read, J. B. Roberts, L. van Rossum, V. L. Rykov, N. Saito, G. Salvato, P. Schiavon, T. Shima, J. Skeens, V. L. Solovyanov, H. Spinka, R. W. Stanek, R. Takashima, F. Takeutchi, N. Tamura, N. Tanaka, D. G. Underwood, A. N. Vasiliev, J. L. White, S. Yamashita, A. Yokosawa, T. Yoshida, A. Zanetti

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The π0 inclusive and semi-inclusive, single-spin asymmetries have been measured using transversely polarized, 200-GeV/c proton and antiproton beams colliding with an unpolarized hydrogen target. The measured asymmetries are consistent with zero within the experimental uncertainties for the kinematic region -0.15<(formula presented)≳3 GeV/c were not correct. These data indicate that PQCD expectations seem confirmed and the higher-twist contribution to the single-spin asymmetry in π0 production at xF=0 is not large. Additional evidence for such a conclusion comes from the measurement of a semi-inclusive π0 asymmetry, where associated charged particles are detected opposite to the π0 azimuthal direction. This experiment also provides high-statistics data on the inclusive π0 cross sections for pp and p-p collisions at √s≊19.4 GeV.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4747-4755
Number of pages9
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1996


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