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"Scapes" is an interdisciplinary collaborative event, which focuses on a total immersive environment driven by music, supported by visual and performance art. These works utilize the ideals of escapism, landscapes, and body-scapes to tell stories of madness, fear, and hope. Featuring six pieces, performed for solo tuba by Sean Kennedy, supporting visual media by Stacy Elko, this program dives deep into the many recesses of the mind of the composer, the artists, the viewers, completely enveloping and transporting the viewer to new “scapes.” This performance piece shows the power of collaborative music and art.

Midnight Variations-3-D reto red/green film in conjunction with Media Lab TTU library


Spirals-video documentation body art henna/indigo painting

Coludes-Virtual fly throughs created with Vue infinite/ Vue Esprit

Theater Piece-Projected photos

Decent into Madness-Art Music Improvisation: Sean Kennedy responds to randomized visual and sounds created with Makey Makey, programmed by Stacy Elko

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Dec 2 2015


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