Role Play: Artist Curator

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By nature, printmakers like to collect, archive, and disseminate information. This nature leads many artists involved in the print practice to organize exhibitions, whether on a small or large scale. This panel will shed light on the history and current trends of exhibitions curated by artists involved in teaching and practicing printmaking. Artist-curated exhibitions may have evolved from personal interests as extensions of studio practice, including community outreach or educational materials as compared to the more traditional practice of professional curators with backgrounds in art history or museum studies. As a result, artist curators tend to become participants who understand the common conceptual interests of the group, rather than maintaining the mantle of the outside critical observer. Panel presentations will not only cover the practical aspects of the process but also the philosophical backgrounds of artist-run curations. The main focus will be on the drive to create a gl
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Mar 1 2012


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