Reflecting on trends in comparative and international education: A three-year examination of research publications

Petrina M. Davidson, Calley Stevens Taylor, Maureen Park, Nino Dzotsenidze, Alexander W. Wiseman

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Consistent and systematic reflective practice is a key element of professionalization. Reflecting on the current status and trends highlights areas of success and areas for further examination within the field of comparative and international education (CIE). This research examines the characteristics of articles in peer-reviewed comparative and international education journals from the last three years in order to identify how the field has changed. Data explored include number of authors, author(s) institutional location(s), research methodology, content or context of analysis, and keywords. Results were compared to questionsand recommendations posed by Bereday in 1964 and in the initial Annual Review in 2013. Single-country studies continued to dominate the field for the third year; however, there has been a shift in methodological approaches, with more balance between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Collaboration, evidenced by an increase in co-authored articles, has increased across the field. Findings from keyword analysis show that although six keywords have remained at the top of the field across the three years, there are few topics which unite the field. These results indicate that although one strength of the field has been cited as its diversity, CIE lacks a common focus on methods, theories, or contents that set it apart from other education-affiliated disciplines. Scholars are encouraged to continue consistent and systematic reflection in determining future directions of the field by identifying unique approaches to distinguish CIE.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-27
Number of pages27
JournalInternational Perspectives on Education and Society
StatePublished - 2018


  • Comparative education
  • Data synthesis
  • International education
  • Professionalization
  • Reflective practice
  • Research trends


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