Quiet Simplicity

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Quiet Simplicity: Danca Nova Presents "Kaleidoscope" - October 2 - 4th "Small but mighty" is how one enthusiastic audience member described Danca Nova, which presented "Kaleidoscope" at Boulder's Dairy Center for the Arts this weekend. Indeed, the viewer's impromptu comment could have served as the evening's theme as the small, but mighty company presented seven uncomplicated yet powerful dance works choreographed by Don Atwood. Opening the performance, "Now You See Me" featured a tender duet of women, lovingly exploring the disability of one of them. Upon entrance, it was clear that one woman was blind. Set to a pleasant Beethoven score, the two women stroked each other's faces as if trying to remember each other through touch alone. Gently, they began to dance together, swaying lightly and arcing through the space as if on air. Atwood's self-choreographed world premiere solo, aptly titled "My Last Solo," was a lesson in restraint for both the dancer and viewer. The piece opened w
Original languageEnglish
PublisherWorld Dance Reviews
StatePublished - Oct 3 2009


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