Production of neutral strange particles in νμd2 and νμd2 charged current interactions

D. Allasia, C. Angelini, S. Barlag, L. Bertanza, A. Bigi, V. Bisi, M. Bloch, F. Bobisut, T. Bolognese, R. Bonarelli, A. Borg, E. Calimani, P. Capiluppi, R. Casali, S. Ciampolillo, P. van Dam, J. Derkaoui, M. L. Faccini-Turluer, R. Fantechi, V. FlaminioA. G. Frodesen, D. Gamba, G. Giacomelli, G. Graziani, B. Grung, A. Hornaes, H. Huzita, B. Jongejans, I. Lippi, M. Loreti, C. Loudec, G. Mandrioli, A. Marzari-Chiesa, P. Mazzanti, A. Nappi, R. Pazzi, C. Petri, G. M. Pierazzini, L. Riccati, A. Romero, A. M. Rossi, A. Sconza, P. Serra-Lugaresi, A. Tenner, G. W. van Apeldoorn, D. Vignaud, C. Visser, R. Wigmans

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The inclusive production of K0, Λ and Λ in charged-current (anti) nuetrino interaction in deuterium is studied, using the BEBC bubble chamber exposed to the CERN-SPS wide band (anti) neutrino beam. In a selected sample of 8600 charged current νμd2 and 6100νμd2 interactions, 700 K0, 448 Λ and 20 Λ particles were observed. The interactions have been separated in interactions on neutrons and on protons. The production properties are studied in terms of various kinematical variables. The associated production of strange particles, the production of K(890) and of Σ±(1385) and the inclusive Λ polarization are discussed. The experimental results are compared with the predictions of the Field-Feynman and the Lund fragmentation models.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-20
Number of pages20
JournalNuclear Physics, Section B
Issue number1
StatePublished - Aug 29 1983


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