Order Amidst Chaos

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Order Amidst Chaos: Martha Clarke delivers a theatrical interpretation of Shaker life at ADF Arguably, Martha Clarke is one of the most renowned choreographers of dance theatre today. Having just won the Samuel H. Scripps ADF Award in June, Ms. Clarke is known for seamlessly meshing movement, music, and the spoken word into work that is both accessible and remarkably complicated. For ADF audiences this season, she presented a work in progress entitled "Angel Reapers" July 5-7 at Duke University's Reynolds Industries Theatre. The hour-long piece, which tells the tale of a group of devout Shakers, exudes pure simplicity sprinkled with bouts of raw, convulsive emotion. The scene opens on a large group of people divided by gender, all sitting in wooden chairs, bathed in sharply angled panes of light. They heartily laugh as if we have interrupted them during the punch line of a shared joke. The women wear long dresses in various shades of dull blue and white bonnets on their heads. The m
Original languageEnglish
PublisherWorld Dance Reviews
StatePublished - Jul 5 2010


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