On the three-dimensional vibrations of elastic prisms with skew cross-section

D. Zhou, O. G. McGee

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Three-dimensional (3-D) free vibration of an elastic prism with skew cross-section is investigated using an elasticity-based variational Ritz procedure. Specifically, the associated energy functional minimized in the Ritz procedure is formulated using a simple coordinate mapping to transform the solid skew elastic prism into a unit cube computational domain. The displacements of the prism in each direction are approximately expressed in the form of variable separation. As an enhancement to conventional use of algebraic polynomials trial series in related solid body vibration studies in the associated literature, the assumed skew prism displacement, u, v and w in the computational ξ-η-ζ skew coordinate directions, respectively, are approximated by a set of generalized coefficients multiplied by a finite triplicate Chebyshev polynomial series and boundary functions in ξ-η-ζ to ensure the satisfaction of the geometric boundary conditions of the prism. Upon invoking the stationary condition of the Lagrangian energy functional for the skew elastic prism with respect to the assumed generalized coefficients, the usual characteristic frequency equations of natural vibrations of the skew elastic prism are derived. Upper bound convergence of the first eight non-dimensional frequencies accurate to four significant figures is achieved by using up to 10-15 terms of the assumed skew prism displacement functions. First known 3-D vibration characteristics of skew elastic prisms are examined showing the effects of varying prism length ratios (ranging from skew solids to skew slender beams), as well as, varying cross-sectional side ratios and skewness, which collectively can serve as benchmark studies against which vibration modes predicted by classical Euler and shear deformable skew beam theories as well as alternative methodologies used in elastic prism vibrations of mechanical and structural components.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)993-1016
Number of pages24
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 2013


  • Chebyshev polynomial
  • Ritz method
  • Skew cross-section
  • Skew prism coordinates
  • Three-dimensional elastic prism vibrations


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