Nutrient-plankton models with nutrient recycling

S. R.J. Jang, J. Baglama

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In this paper, nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton interaction with general uptake functions in which nutrient recycling is either instantaneous or delayed is considered. To account for higher predation, zooplankton's death rate is modeled by a quadratic term instead of the usual linear function. Persistence conditions for each of the delayed and nondelayed models are derived. Numerical simulations with data from the existing literature are explored to compare the two models. It is demonstrated numerically that increasing zooplankton death rate can eliminate periodic solutions of the system in both the instantaneous and the delayed nutrient recycling models. However, the delayed nutrient recycling can actually stabilize the nutrient-plankton interaction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)375-387
Number of pages13
JournalComputers and Mathematics with Applications
Issue number2-3
StatePublished - Jan 2005


  • Delayed nutrient recycling
  • Instantaneous nutrient recycling
  • Uniform persistence


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