Nutrient Concentrations and Proportions in Particle Size Fractions of Corn Steam Flaked to Different Bulk Densities

K. E. Hales, N. A. Cole, M. L. Galyean, A. B. Leytem

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The particle size distribution that results from steam flaking corn could be responsible for the difference in the chemical composition noted between steam-flaked corn and unprocessed grain. Steam-flaked corn processed to bulk densities of 283, 335, and 386 g/L (22, 26, and 30 lb/bu, respectively) was dry-sieved to determine the proportions in particle size fractions ranging from > 8,000 to < 600 μm, and total starch, CP, NDF, P, ether extract (EE), and ash concentrations were determined in the individual fractions. Data were analyzed as a completely randomized design using the 4 to 6 batches of corn that were flaked as experimental units. Concentrations of CP, NDF, P, EE, and ash of the intact flakes were generally not affected (P = 0.09) by flake bulk density. The greatest dry weight proportion of particles in grab samples was in the > 8,000-μm fraction, with the smallest proportion associated with the 600-μm sieve fraction. The proportions of NDF, P, EE, and ash present in particles > 8,000 μm decreased (P < 0.05) as flake bulk density decreased. In addition, the proportions of total starch within particle sizes of 4,760 to 8,000 μm and 1,180 to 2,360 μm were greater (P = 0.02) for 283 g/L flakes than for 335 and 386 g/L flakes. Within the range of bulk density of steam-flaked corn evaluated, certain nutrients were more concentrated in the finer particles created during the steam-flaking process. If smaller particles are disproportionately sampled, flaked corn will appear to differ chemically from the grain being flaked.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)511-519
Number of pages9
JournalProfessional Animal Scientist
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 1 2010


  • Bulk density
  • Grain processing
  • Particle size
  • Steam-flaked corn


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