Number: 103 Art in Crisis

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I authored an article in Number: Inc's, Number: 103 issue. "Lubbock, Texas: We're Still Here." This was a national juried selection process by Number: Inc's Co Editors' Katie Maish and Lacy Mitcham Veteto.<br><br>Regional Update: <i>Lubbock, Texas: We’re Still Here. </i>Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, two new art groups have provided the community of Lubbock with engaged programming and thought-provoking exhibitions. East Lubbock Art House (ELAH) is a new organization created to support Black and Brown artists and serve traditionally under served communities through the arts. CO-OPt Research and Projects is an artist ran gallery and studio space featuring curated exhibitions of contemporary art and special programming including performances and experimental music shows.<br><br>This essay highlights selected exhibitions and programs that each of these organizations have hosted and will continue to host via safe social distancing.<br><br>Katie Maish is a visual artist and educator from M
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JournalNumber: Inc.
StatePublished - Sep 1 2020


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