No End In Sight

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As part of a graduate class assignment, I'm asking students to tweet (280 characters or fewer) daily on Creative Nonfiction's twitter feed for the month of February on the subject of their own literacy experiences or their literacy teaching experiences. I have challenged myself to do the same. @CNFOnline selects from contributions to publish in their hardcopy magazine or on their twitter account under the title Tiny Truths. Today they selected one of my tweets to publish; it follows: It's summer. My oldest asks to borrow my laptop: "I wanna write a novel." After five days, he says, "Dad, I'm up to 4K words." I force a smile and words: "Cool, Bud." I've been working on the same novel for 15 years and no end in sight.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Feb 15 2019


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