New generation of protective textiles for heavy industries

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Textiles are the first line of defense against external hazards that can be characterized in to: 1) natural and 2) man-made. Textile materials that are used to provide protection and save human lives are not very much geared towards aesthetics and fashion sense. The important aspect in such clothing materials is its functional capability. As such, these textiles that provide functional properties towards an end-use performance are generally known as technical textiles. Specifically, the textiles that are used by workmen in the industry, law enforcement personnel and soldiers are known as protective textiles. Several decades ago, protective textiles were considered in the case of war theatres to protect the soldiers who are defending their nation. However, heightened awareness of safety, regulatory requirements and the occurrence of natural and man-made catastrophic scenario has emphasized the need for the development and use of protective workwear fabrics. Even in developing economies, there are regulations which mandate the use of such protective clothing for industrial workforce.

Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationATA Journal
StatePublished - Jun 2014


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