Multilayer 3D chirality and its synthetic assembly

Guanzhao Wu, Yangxue Liu, Zhen Yang, Nandakumar Katakam, Hossein Rouh, Sultan Ahmed, Daniel Unruh, Kazimierz Surowiec, Guigen Li

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3D chirality of sandwich type of organic molecules has been discovered.The key element of this chirality is characterized by three layers of structures that are arranged nearly in parallel fashion with one on top and one down from the center plane. Individual enantiomers of these molecules have been fully characterized by spectroscopies with their enantiomeric purity measured by chiral HPLC.The absolute configuration was unambiguously assigned by X-ray diffraction analysis.This is the firstmultilayer 3D chirality reported and is anticipated to lead to a new research area of asymmetric synthesis and catalysis and to have a broad impact on chemical, medicinal, and material sciences in future.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6717104
StatePublished - 2019


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