Mobile technology to reduce cost and increase productivity

Jungsun Kim, Shane Blum, Yeongae Jeon

Research output: Other contribution


As technology strives to offer enhanced opportunity and flexibility in the way information is communicated and assessed, new mechanisms such as mobile devices are being considered as tools to improve hotel employees’ productivity. Accordingly, this study explored (1) hoteliers’ intentions to use mobile technology in their work places, (2) their perceptions of mobile technology, (3) their willingness to use mobile applications in each department, and (4) demographic characteristics of those who are more willing to adopt mobile applications. The researchers surveyed 70 subjects who were employees, managers, directors, and general managers from different chain hotel properties.1 Hotels owned by Host Hotels & Resorts voluntarily participated in this study. The executive vice president forwarded the invitation email to the hotel general managers (GMs). Either the GMs responded to the survey questions or the GMs forwarded the invitation email to managers of their hotels. Qualtrics online su
Original languageEnglish
PublisherHost Hotels & Resorts
StatePublished - Feb 25 2011


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