Miraculous Arpeggio Fingerings for the Double Bass

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Miraculous Arpeggio Fingerings arrange the twelve key centers in ascending chromatic order from E to E-flat. Each key includes: major, major/maj7, dominant 7, augmented, minor, minor/maj7, minor/min7, diminished, half-diminished, and fully diminished arpeggios. Because there are three complete octaves in every key available on double basses with a fingerboard of average length, each arpeggio type is presented in three 1-octave, two 2-octave (the middle octave is included in both two octave scales or arpeggios), and one 3-octave scale or arpeggio.<br><br>Miraculous Arpeggio Fingerings includes one “slow” fingering and one “fast” fingering for each arpeggio. ”Slow” fingerings (notated with white note heads) avoid all open strings, and tend to have more shifts, while “fast” fingerings (notated with black note heads) use open strings, have as few shifts as possible, and occasionally use "open" hand position.<br><br>Every note in Miraculous Arpeggio Fingerings has a fingering indication. T
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBasso Profòndo Publications
StatePublished - Jan 1991


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