Luso-Hispanic Cultural Studies Theory and Practice: An Introduction

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This volume explores the history, evolution, and future of Luso-Hispanic Cultural Studies as a discipline, a pedagogical tool, and a set of working practices by bringing together a diverse group of renowned specialists to examine how the field has grown out of and radically reconsidered some of the basic premises of British Cultural Studies since the 1950s to address the many cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.<br>The chapters in this volume address<br>- How Cultural Studies is being practiced in the increasingly virtual mediascapes of the twenty-first century<br>- What happens to basic critical assumptions about culture and power after they have passed through the filter of Post-Colonial and Decolonial Studies of the Luso-Hispanic world.<br>- How we understand the role of culture in light of recent experiences with radical demographic shifts, populism and civil unrest within Latin America, Iberian and the Latino U.S.<br>- How new ways of practising Luso-Hispanic Cu
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLuso-Hispanic Cultural Studies Theory and Practice: An Introduction
PublisherRoutledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies series
ISBN (Print)9780367480851
StatePublished - Sep 15 2021


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