Lista actualizada y comentada de los mamíferos de Bolivia

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We present an update to the list of mammals known to occur in Bolivia. We incorporate and describe recent taxonomic changes and new records for the country made since the last list published in 2003. New records and taxonomic changes were considered only if they had verifiable evidence. To date, the list of mammals for the country includes 406 native species, belonging to 11 orders, 46 families and 196 genera, representing an increase of 51 species over the 2003 list. Among those added, 14 were new to science and have type localities in Bolivia. The most diverse orders were Rodentia (148 species), Chiroptera (138), Didelphimorphia (35) and Carnivora (27); a total of 25 species are endemic to Bolivia. In addition, 14 species of introduced mammals are listed. Additional records and taxonomic changes are expected as a result of biological inventories currently in execution, re-identification of specimens deposited in national and foreign mammal collections, and future taxonomic revisions. <br><br>Key words: Introduced species, Mammals, Native species, Taxonomic annotations, Taxonomy
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)107-147
JournalEcologia en Bolivia
StatePublished - Sep 2019


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