LibQUAL+ results bring more questions than answers

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The Texas Tech University Libraries conducted the LibQUAL survey in 2017. After receiving the survey results, the libraries had many unanswered questions—what is the next step? What are the problem areas? Which problems should be addressed first? The website was identified as a topic that merited further study. The user experience (UX) department collaborated with the web librarian to outline projects to gather more evidence that would guide their action. They used a variety of research methods to assess the website: X/O tests to allocate valuable home page real estate to the services and features of most interest to users; card sorting to design a more understandable website navigation; usability testing to evaluate whether common tasks could be performed easily; heuristic evaluations of frequently used webpages to see if they conformed to accepted usability principles; A/B tests to compare different design prototypes; and subsequent surveys to re-evaluate the modifications. By the
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2019


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