Les Femmes Folles: Feminists Connect

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A suite of my recent works was accepted into the Feminists Connect virtual exhibition presented by Les Femmes Folles (LFF), adjudicated by curators Sally Brown and Leslie C. Sotomayor II. LFF is "is a journal supporting women in art, founded and curated by Sally Brown. Since April 2011, LFF has featured over 400 women in theatre, music, visual art, writing performance art and community activism. LFF has also curated and hosted four visual exhibits, over a dozen panels, readings and performances." My work was cited in the curatorial statement: "In Latin, curator means guardian or trustee. We define curator in the context of this exhibition as an umbrella term to include scholar, artist, facilitator, educator. We pivot curator as the practice of curating as researcher, contributing to the production of knowledge, theorizing, creating worlds, suggesting hypotheses, and proposing a form of narration. In this vein, artist Ghislaine Fremaux articulates her quest to "investigate the phenomenological experiences of being naked, of being pleasured, and of seeing and being seen - and the anxieties, uncertainties, and wonder that attend them..." as a lens for generating new perspectives. Feminist art is the lineage of art making that is creating about marginalized and suppressed knowledges and creating within them (Anzaldúa & Keating, 2015)." My work and the statement I composed for my application can be viewed at <a data-fr-linked="true" href="https://www.les-femmes-folles-feminist-connect.com/ghislaine-ghi-fremaux/">https://www.les-femmes-folles-feminist-connect.com/ghislaine-ghi-fremaux/</a>.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Mar 1 2021


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