Kaon production in 200 GeV/nucleon nucleus-nucleus collisions

T. Åkesson, S. Almehed, A. L.S. Angelis, N. Armenise, H. Atherton, P. Aubry, H. W. Bartels, G. Beaudoin, J. M. Beaulieu, H. Beker, O. Benary, D. Bettoni, V. Bisi, I. Blevis, H. Bøggild, W. Cleland, M. Clemen, B. Collick, F. Corriveau, S. DaganK. Dederichs, S. Dell'Uomo, P. Depommier, R. C.E. Devenish, S. Di Liberto, N. DiGiacomo, J. R. Dodd, B. Dolgoshein, A. Drees, H. En'yo, B. Erlandsson, M. J. Esten, C. W. Fabjan, P. Fischer, Z. Fraenkel, A. Gaidot, F. Gibrat-Debu, P. Giubellino, P. Glässel, U. Goerlach, R. Haglund, L. A. Hamel, H. van Hecke, V. Hedberg, R. Heifetz, A. Hölscher, B. Jacak, G. Jarlskog, S. Johansson, H. Kraner, V. Kroh, F. Lamarche, C. Leroy, D. Lissauer, G. London, B. Lörstad, A. Lounis, F. Martelli, M. Masera, A. Marzari-Chiesa, M. A. Mazzoni, E. Mazzucato, M. L. McCubbin, N. A. McCubbin, P. McGaughey, F. Meddi, U. Mjörnmark, M. T. Muciaccia, S. Muraviev, M. Murray, M. Neubert, S. Nilsson, L. Olsen, Y. Oren, J. P. Pansart, Y. M. Park, A. Pfeiffer, F. Piuz, V. Polychronakos, G. Poulard, M. Price, D. Rahm, L. Ramello, L. Riccati, G. Romano, G. Rosa, L. Sandor, J. Schukraft, M. Sekimoto, B. Sellden, M. Seman, A. Shmeleva, V. Sidorov, S. Simone, Y. Sirois, H. Sletten, S. Smirnov, J. Soltani, W. Sondheim, H. J. Specht, E. Stern, I. Stumer, J. Sunier, V. Tcherniatin, H. H. Thodberg, J. Thompson, V. Tikhomirov, I. Tserruya, G. Vasseur, R. Veenhof, R. Wigmans, P. Yepes

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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Results from the HELIOS External Spectrometer on kaon production in 200 GeV/A S + W and p + W collisions are presented. The K π ratios are compared with results from a lower beam energy and are found to be remarkably similar. Evidence for secondary production of K+ by meson-baryon rescattering is reviewed. Our results at y = 1.0-1.5 are compared with neutral strange particle results at midrapidity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)273-278
Number of pages6
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - Dec 10 1992


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