Infinite ergodic walks in finite connected undirected graphs

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The micro-canonical, canonical, and grand canonical ensembles of walks defined in finite connected undirected graphs are considered in the thermodynamic limit of infinite walk length. As infinitely long paths are extremely sensitive to structural irregularities and defects, their properties are used to describe the degree of structural imbalance, anisotropy, and navigability in finite graphs. For the first time, we introduce entropic force and pressure describing the effect of graph defects on mobility patterns associated with the very long walks in finite graphs; navigation in graphs and navigability to the nodes by the different types of ergodic walks; as well as node’s fugacity in the course of prospective network expansion or shrinking.

Original languageEnglish
Article number205
Pages (from-to)1-17
Number of pages17
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2021


  • Entropic force and pressure
  • Graph node’s fugacity
  • Graph node’s navigability
  • Graph’s navigation
  • Statistical ensembles of walks


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