Improved maize reference genome with single-molecule technologies

Yinping Jiao, Paul Peluso, Jinghua Shi, Tiffany Liang, Michelle C. Stitzer, Bo Wang, Michael S. Campbell, Joshua C. Stein, Xuehong Wei, Chen Shan Chin, Katherine Guill, Michael Regulski, Sunita Kumari, Andrew Olson, Jonathan Gent, Kevin L. Schneider, Thomas K. Wolfgruber, Michael R. May, Nathan M. Springer, Eric AntoniouW. Richard McCombie, Gernot G. Presting, Michael McMullen, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, R. Kelly Dawe, Alex Hastie, David R. Rank, Doreen Ware

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

319 Scopus citations

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