Immiscible impact dynamics of droplets onto millimetric films

S. Shaikh, G. Toyofuku, R. Hoang, J. O. Marston

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The impact of liquid droplets onto a film of an immiscible liquid is studied experimentally across a broad range of parameters [Re= O(10 1- 10 3) , We= O(10 2- 10 3) ] with the aid of high-speed photography and image analysis. Above a critical impact parameter, Re1 / 2We1 / 4≈ 100 , the droplet fragments into multiple satellite droplets, which typically occurs as the result of a fingering instability. Statistical analysis indicates that the satellite droplets are approximately log-normally distributed, in agreement with some previous studies and the theoretical predictions of Wu (Prob Eng Mech 18:241–249, 2003). However, in contrast to a recent study by Lhuissier et al. (Phys Rev Lett 110:264503, 2013), we find that it is the modal satellite diameter, not the mean diameter, that scales inversely with the impact speed (or Weber number) and that the dependence is dmod∼ We- 1 / 4.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7
JournalExperiments in Fluids
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


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