Highly reactive oligosilyltriflates - Synthesis, structure and rearrangement

C. Krempner, U. Jäger-Fiedler, C. Mamat, A. Spannenberg, K. Weichert

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The novel branched oligosilyltriflates of formula [TfO(Me 3Si)2Si]2E (2a-d) [E = 0 (2a), SiMe2 (2b), GeMe2 (2c), SiMe2-SiMe2 (2d)] and [TfO(Me3Si)2SiSiMe2]SiMe (9) have been prepared by the protodesilylation of [Ph(Me3Si)2Si]2E (1a-c), [H(Me3Si)2Si]2E (5d) and [Ph(Me 3Si)2SiSiMe2]3SiMe (8) using TfOH (CF3SO3H) as reagent in almost quantitative yields. The crystal structure of 2b is reported.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1581-1584
Number of pages4
JournalNew Journal of Chemistry
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2005


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