Hadron showers and muon trajectories in thick absorber from 25 to 150 GeV/c

D. Green, H. Fenker, P. Martin, M. Takasaki, R. Yamada, S. Kunori, P. Rapp, D. Owen, P. Grannis, D. Hedin

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Hadron shower punchthrough and muon momentum measurements were conducted at 25, 50, 100 and 150 GeV/c, using tracking before, between and after a 7.3 interaction length (λ0) lead block and 7.3λ0 of magnetized iron. The multiplicity and spatial distributions of both hadrons and muons were obtained. Muons were used to study the multiple scattering, the effect of δ rays and associated phenomena, and the momentum resolution. Hadrons were used to study the muon/hadron rejection factor. The measured punchthrough probabilities after 7.3λ0 and 14.6λ0 were consistent with other data. Cuts are described which define the final rejection factor against hadrons.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)356-366
Number of pages11
JournalNuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A
Issue number3
StatePublished - Apr 1 1986


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