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"Cody Arnall and American Trauma" is an artist profile piece by accomplished independent art critic and writer Natalie Hegert in Glasstire. Hegert has written for Glasstire, Chicago's International Online Journal, MutualArt, Artcritical, Artslant and more. "Sometimes a work of art, developed over years, can become premonitory in unexpected and unsettling ways. When sculptor Cody Arnall began work on the installation Who’s Got a Price on Their Head? in August 2016, he could not have predicted the election of Donald Trump, the escalating tensions with the nascent nuclear power of North Korea, and the rise of aggressive, hateful rhetoric in our nation’s highest office. Just a week after Arnall’s installation opened at LHUCA in Lubbock, in January 2018, people in Hawaii were ducking and covering and saying goodbye to their loved ones, believing that their lives were about to end by ballistic missile. It was a false alarm, but nuclear annihilation suddenly felt like a very real and immin
Original languageEnglish
PublisherGlasstire, Natalie Hegert
StatePublished - Jul 2 2018


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