French Quarter Cantos

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Images of New Orleans’s historic French Quarter evoke wrought iron gates, flowers hanging from second-story porches, and age-old romance. But hidden from the romantic and joyful jubilations of Mardi Gras, the darkness of an empty alley can inspire remembrance of things past—dreams within dreams, as Edgar Allan Poe might say. French Quarter Cantos: A Poelage is a collection of verse from a poet who has walked down the dark alleys of New Orleans, discovering a visceral connection to the city and, ultimately, artistic inspiration. Author Genaro Jesse Perez uses powerful imagery, expressing strong emotions and memories, both bitter and sweet, in this fond ode to a beautiful and troubled city in the American south. Read about the epic inevitability of mortality in “Dolores” and “Just a Little Kiss.” See through the false faces of holier-than-thou academics in “Face Dancers.” And bitterness and regret rule “Award for Long Service.” Poe was never afraid of the darkness; neither is Perez. Del
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Dec 2010


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